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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

My first networking lunch date

Today I enjoyed my first 'networking' lunch with my two desk mates (or pod mates, in Brunswick speak) and two journalists from Sake 24 (the Afrikaans business supplement that appears in Afrikaans dailies across the country).

It was nice to have the chance to chat to my colleagues away from the office space. The journalists were pleasant and we talked about current issues. The lunched helped me to understand a little more about building a relationship with journalists (an important part of what Brunswick does) and to see the work we do from their perspective. For example, they don't enjoy being phoned ten times a day to be asked, "Did you get our press release?" and then later, "Are you going to use it?" (especially at a daily publication, which means there are extra deadline pressures).

The restaurant that we went to, Smoke in Pretoria, had their deserts on the first page of their menu - a fun approach. Their food was excellent. I enjoyed my 'office outing' and had the chance to experience another side of the Brunswick business.


Adam N. Mukendi said...

It sounds nice. Just one question; did you give a nice tip to your waiter? heinnnnnn
Now that waiters will have minimum wage accrding to a new policy, I am currious to see if clients will still be willing to leave something away for the service.
The ex-waiter

Susan Arthur said...

Adam, the lunch was on Brunswick so I'm not sure about the tip. I trust that Gareth gave a decent one. Don't worry, I was also a waitress so I understand about tips!

I loved waitressing in the US because they always tip well... I even got a tip for bringing two ladies water once.