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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

EQ - more thoughts on time management

I still think time management was one of the most useful presentations we had at WOW. In the world of work, and in life, it's all about being able to juggle tasks. Previously, I wrote about being uncertain (as an intern) as to when was appropriate for me to leave work. But at a business like Brunswick, I'm beginning to realise that it's not about how late you stay. You are really your own manager. As long as you get your work done, that's fine.

To help juggle tasks, it's necessary to be able to identify priorities..... rocks vs sand.

My new version of EQ is "EFFICIENCY QUOTIENT". It's all about how efficient you can be in the time you are given to do a task. It's not only about doing something quickly, it's about doing it well at the same time. As I wrote previously, it feels as if I am on the beginning of a life-long journey towards developing the skill of managing my time effectively. It's one of the most difficult, but also the most essential, things to do.


Susan Mwangi said...

Susan, I hear you!

Time management is an art I have been grappling with over the past few days. I have had my hands full (family was in town, started internship…). I have been trying to strike a delicate balance – running errands, managing deadlines and some big time commuting. In the end, sleep became the biggest casualty as I burnt my candle on both ends.

I am grateful that my intense sleep-deprived two weeks are behind me (no more sleep-walking through life). Could I have managed or planned or managed my time better? … I think so! I am learning every day!

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Susan A,
This is a real bug-bear for me - time management. I like your new take on EQ (could you please change the red, it's difficult to read). It is difficult but as you say a very essential skill. Susan M, I can relate to your stress with regards to juggling so many things at the same time.