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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

An external visit to my blog!

Some time ago, I wrote a post about a South African gentleman named Peter Hanwith-Horden who was featured in the Star Workplace. He had spotted some errors in a training manual and wrote to the US publishers. He was then contracted to re -write the manuals for a South African context. The article used his work to show that South Africans can compete in a global arena - quite relevant to our World of work discussions.

Last week, I was excited to find a mail in my inbox from the gentleman himself. This is what he said:

I came across your blog regarding my write up in the newspaper. Thank for your kind words. That's not the first time I have mailed the USA explaining to them that their books had errors .
Most of the certification books have errors.

One thing I have found in this country is that some companies don't appreciate the skills at all - for example, after my write-up was in the newspaper not one of the management came to congratulate me - not even the boss I report to!

Great Blog
Peter Hanwith-Horden

I wrote back to thank him for his compliment and also to invite him to join in commenting on our group's blogs. I was very excited to have an external visitor to my site, which made me curious - how did he actually find it? I have e mailed him to ask and wait with baited breath to find out!

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Lesley said...

I'll bet Peter Hanwith-Horden is a "lurker" like me. But I'm also looking forward to reading how he came across you.

A few years ago I bought a book on customer service, written by a South African bloke. It must have cost me, I don't know? R70-R120.

I was really annoyed at the many grammar/spelling errors in it. How hypocritical, to write about the customer deserving excellent service, and then not delivering the same in one's own product.

So I contacted the author. With the list of errors (yeah, I know, I should get a life). Short of it is that I got some editing work from him - also training materials.

And no, the customer service guy I’m talking about was not Aki. Aki writes very well, have you noticed?