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I am a born and bred South African who has always loved to read and write. As a child my mother used to read to me and my siblings, from classics like the “Lord of the Rings” but later also from her own stories. She would write children’s stories and then use us as her test audience, but I loved to hear what she had written long after my siblings had tired of it. So I grew up in an environment of reading and writing, which inspired my love of these things. I hope to write a great book some day, and have learnt first hand the determination and will that it takes. My love of English inspired me to continue my study of it at university. I majored in Law and English in a BA degree at UCT where I found that I took to English much more than law. I enjoyed learning about South Africa’s history and the development of our liberal Constitution, which increasingly made me committed to the hope this country has for the future. Ideally, I’d like to find myself in a job where I am able to write; that allows a good mix of time spent with people and being able to work on my own.

Tuesday, 04 September 2007

Things I learned today

You can never be too busy to say good morning to someone!


Thomas Blaser said...

thanks for sharing all these interesting stuff and congrats to your extended appointment. Engineering news is not really cool - the C..'s are not that great people. I can tell you, people really matter and my place, it is depressing. But I will write more once my papers are done - I feel a bit on thin ice to write too much. Hence, my silent blog.

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hey there! Funny that you talked about greeting people in your post. One thing I like about here is that people will say 'hello' and smile. Something that is greatly lacking in SA. On the other hand there are things that I miss about Jo'burg.

Adam N. Mukendi said...

You are totally right Sue.
I am with you on this one. In fact, small things have major impact in human kind's lifes. We are often wrong to think that we will have more impact with big actions.