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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Never downplay your role

A small piece of advice for everyone as they go into their internships. When someone asks you about yourself, never say "I'm just an intern". Your role is as important as anyone else's. Leave out the 'just' - don't dowplay your role in the organisation just because you are the newest person there. And don't be tempted to FEEL like you're not so important, either. Concentrate on thinking of the ways that you CAN add value and are an asset.


Thomas Blaser said...

I could not agree more. I mean you are such a great person! How could you dare to say "I am just Susan."

Temitope Adewunmi said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for wishing the best in my exams. it is finally over, but i still need to turn in some group project reports.

i am very happy that you have started your internship. This would be the lowest you will ever be. What has always marvelled me was the fact that you kept doubting your own leadership abilities. I am very sure that by now you know that you've always had it in you. keep up the good work and the sky would not even be your limit, but the begining of your flight.

keep th WOW flag flying.


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

What more can I say Suse, Thomas and Temi have said it all. No one is 'just' anything, all of us are special in our own peculiar and significant way. Thank you for that piece of wisdom shared.

Susan Arthur said...

Thanks guys, that tip was given to me by a friend and I think it's very good to remember, as an intern may sometimes feel like they aren't as important than anyone else or feel reluctant to ask people for help when they are busy. But no 'justs' ... go out and shine anyway!

Thanks Temi and the rest of the WOW team for being a support for me and for believing in my capabilities.. it's great to have that.

Adam N. Mukendi said...

Ourra Susan,

Thanks for this tip. I think I could do that mistake. After my interview, I am always awared of potential people with who I might be working with. But once the internship is on, I should have that self esteem to give my best. I do think that David can beat Goliath. You right. People will consider what you display as yourself. Merci

Valentin said...

Thanks, Susan, for sharing this.
I also saw myself that it is very important that you do not undermine your role in the organisation and you sound confident about how you can contribute to the company(even at just the interview level).