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I am a born and bred South African who has always loved to read and write. As a child my mother used to read to me and my siblings, from classics like the “Lord of the Rings” but later also from her own stories. She would write children’s stories and then use us as her test audience, but I loved to hear what she had written long after my siblings had tired of it. So I grew up in an environment of reading and writing, which inspired my love of these things. I hope to write a great book some day, and have learnt first hand the determination and will that it takes. My love of English inspired me to continue my study of it at university. I majored in Law and English in a BA degree at UCT where I found that I took to English much more than law. I enjoyed learning about South Africa’s history and the development of our liberal Constitution, which increasingly made me committed to the hope this country has for the future. Ideally, I’d like to find myself in a job where I am able to write; that allows a good mix of time spent with people and being able to work on my own.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

network, network, network!

Over the weekend, I was chatting to a friend who travelled for some time in Korea after he had finished his varsity degree. He has been back for about a year now and has been in a job for seven months. During his job search process, he found that things only really started to get moving once he’d made the effort to talk to everyone he had some form of contact with in his desired industry. He reminded me that it was extremely easy to ignore a CV that has been sent to your email address. Now, even as a relatively junior member of staff, he gets CVs in his inbox regularly. Luckily, the world of work programme is giving us ample opportunity to begin to develop a network from which to draw. It’s so much easier to make an impression on people with face to face contact than on a piece of paper (with the exception of blogs that begin to bridge that divide). Chris Gardner- the main character in “The Pursuit of Happyness”- ensured that while he dropped off his application, he personally handed it to his potential employer. He stood out from the crowd from the start. The movie is based on a true story. Today, Chris is the owner of a successful stock-broking firm and an inspiration to all potential job-seekers such as ourselves!

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